What is it?

I will take the raw tracks that you have recorded, and build a final mix for you. Turn around time is typically three days.

What do I need from you?

First I’d like some reference songs from you to tell me what you are looking for. Both as a total mix perspective and also individual instrument examples. Something like this:

Overall we really like the sound of Cut The Cord by Shinedown, but we’d like the drums to sound more like the drums on Like A Stone by Audioslave. “

Upload your tracks to a space provided by me, or provide me a link to yours, and I will download them. The tracks should be 44.1K/24 bit or higher. 

Provide any comments or direction like – I want this to sound like a guitar driven song. Or – I want lots of drums and low meat. If you happen to have a previous demo recording of the song, that would be a great reference.

Lastly, please make sure that your final takes have been captured, and that there aren’t any more changes that you plan to make. If you know that there are parts you are planning to go back into the studio and redo, I’m happy to wait until you are done.

What will I provide to you?

A stereo WAV file (44.1K/24 bit) final mix at -6db to provide headroom for mastering if you are planning for that later.

If you are not planning to have the song mastered, I can drop a limiter on the mix to boost loudness if you desire.

How much do I charge?

My rates vary based on workload, but currently is $350 per song. This assumes between 6 to 8 hours of work, and comes with 3 free revisions.